What differentiates EasyFeedback from competitors?

2 min readSep 15, 2022
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We don’t have any competitors within Crypto yet, as we are the first ones bridging the feedback industry to the blockchain. However, there are many aspects which make our project unique:

We are bridging a multi-billion, raising industry to crypto aiming to become the global “Hub” of private Feedback worldwide. We want to be the link between private feedback sent from customers to companies and organizations globally. We are aiming to become a game changer and revolutionize the Feedback industry worldwide.

We are officially and legally registered as a crypto project in Europe. Very few crypto organizations and projects are able to achieve it, and it will be very advantageous forus in the near future when countries start regulating the crypto industry. Moreover, we are also officially and legally registered, allowed to operate as a traditional company in Spain.

We are developing and we are already offering many services and products to companies and institutions, as the Feedback industry bring many opportunities. Together with that, we will also provide products and services to Feedback senders, as for example our Marketplace, which will provide us with more flows of income. All of that will allow us to get a reliable and continuous flow of income for developing the project and becoming the global hub of Feedback

Our products and services integrate seamlessly with the blockchain, which is perfect for the purposes of our project. The blockchain gives credibility to the feedback thanks to it transparency and immutability, which will help us and the companies to verify that feedback sent is honest and genuine. EasyFeedback users are already sending feedback but with no compensation in return yet, this will change with our on-chain PoF model.

Our business model and proposition is easy to be understood, what will help us market and promote the project. This is proven by the fact that we were able to raise $300.000 at our pre-sale with only a 1000$ marketing budget, getting people from more than 50 countries buying our token.

We have been involved in the feedback industry since 2015, developing innovative, avant-garde tools, products and technologies that improve everything regarding professional feedback.

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