#SHOWMEEASYF_09 What products and services are you developing?

1 min readOct 28, 2022

For organisations & institutions:

EasyFeedback IoT:

Companies will be able to collect data from their customers’ use of their products by several sensors.

EasyFeedback Health:

They will collect health and lifestyle data from users.

EasyFeedback Surveys:

Businesses will be able to carry out market studies by segmenting our platform’s user base according to their sampling requirements.

EasyFeedback Reviews:

For obtaining feedback and suggestions about their products and services

EasyFeedback Stats:

Statistical and AI tools to study all the data collected by our feedback platform, both on-chain and off-chain

For users & customers


Own and third party products and services.

EASYF and other tokens as payment method.

Debit Card:

Holders will be able to use their EASYF tokens in their usual stores.

Proof of Feedback:

It will be available in more countries.

In our Pitch Deck you can find a slide with the tools ecosystem we are developing:


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