#SHOWMEEASYF_07 What is your marketing strategy?

1 min readOct 1, 2022

- The first one, which we have already successfully tested in Spain and Mexico, is based on the organic positioning of transactional words related to feedback according to each language and country. This strategy will be implemented in every country where easyfeedback.com will be deployed, in order to reach people who want to send feedback and search in google for that purpose.

- The second one will be the strategic partnerships with projects in which our private feedback platform may be integrated, as metaverses. We have already reached one, with Outer Ring, one of the most prominent play-to-earn blockchain-metaverse games (Read it here)

- And thirdly, collaboration with Key opinion leaders in areas of our strategic knowledge: Excellence in Customer Service as a tool of differentiation from competitors, employee engagement management through private feedback; improvement in brand reputation and cryptocurrencies as an instrument of value creation.

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