#SHOWMEEASYF_03 What is the target industry of the project?

2 min readAug 25, 2022


🎬 #ShowMeEASYF_03 What is the target industry of the project?

🎯 We have two target industries:

1) Customers and users of organizations, companies and institutions from every country of the world willing to use our private Feedback platform and our marketplace.

2) Business market: We are developing 6 services for companies: 1. EasyFeedback PRO, 2. EasyFeedback IoT, 3. EasyFeedback Health, 4. EasyFeedback Survey, 5. EasyFeedback Review, 6. EasyFeedback Stats.

We have identified 180 potential sectors, but we are focusing on 63 of them which we will contact at different phases of the commercialization. The market is almost the same one as the total number of companies and institutions per country. Only in Spain we have more than 3 million potential customers.

The type of customer at which we are focused is based on their general and sectorial characteristic:

- Companies with various points of sale: own premises, franchisees, affiliated companies or distributors, sales representatives…

- segmented by activity: Retail, Motor, Health, Tourism and Franchises.

- Large service companies: Insurance companies, Banks and savings banks, Hypermarkets, Electricity, Gas and derivatives, Airlines, telephone providers, Airports.

- Self-employed segmented by activity: Commerce, Motor, Health, Tourism. — E-commerce companies.

- Manufacturers of consumer products.

- Non-strategic: Institutions: Town Halls, Political Parties and NGOs

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