2 min readNov 3, 2022

We are glad to announce that 250 holders have participated in our last survey regarding our communication channels.

Our goal was to get a sample with a confidence of 95.5% and a sampling error of 5%, so considering that there are 670 holders right now, 250 answers were the what we needed, so as soon as we got them, we closed the survey.

We would like to share the results with you:

As you can see, most holders use our Newsletter, both the telegram group & channel and Twitter to keep up to date with the project.

Then, as you can see, most holders read the information we post there very oftenly, most of them everyday or every week, which shows that our community is very interested in what is taking place with EasyFeedback.

Regarding which channel holders prefer to be updated about the project, most of you have chosen the Newsletter, both the telegram group & channel and Twitter.

Finally, most holders, by great difference, have stated that they would like to receive updates about our progress every week.

Due to that, we have decided that, systematically (instead of ocasionally like we used to), we will share a Newsletter before each month-end and that each week we will provide you with that weeks’ updates on Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Reddit etc

Holder that have participated in the survey will get the token rewards in the following days.